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Office 365 Portal

By Durval Ramos
28 Aug 2014

Office 365 includes familiar Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It includes new features that help you create, communicate, and work even more efficiently from virtually anywhere...

Small Basic: International Resources

By Nonki Takahashi
1 Oct 2014

This article focuses on international resources for the Microsoft Small Basic program language both in TechNet Wiki and out of TechNet Wiki. Microsoft Small Basic supports the following 20 languages...

Wiki Governance: Types of Articles Not Appropriate for TechNet Wiki

By Kimborly A. Ditto-Ehlert
24 Mar 2011

Some types of articles really do not belong on TechNet Wiki. While we love folks to contribute, the following types of articles should be corrected or they will be removed

Wiki Governance: Copyright, Privacy & Piracy

By Peter Geelen - MSFT
16 Mar 2015

At the TechNet Wiki we're fighting a continuous battle to maintain the Wiki in good shape, to keep the community and platform within legal limits....

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