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Featured Articles (Updated 31 Dec 2014)

Office 365 Portal

By Durval Ramos
28 Aug 2014

Office 365 includes familiar Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It includes new features that help you create, communicate, and work even more efficiently from virtually anywhere...

Small Basic: International Resources

By Nonki Takahashi
1 Oct 2014

This article focuses on international resources for the Microsoft Small Basic program language both in TechNet Wiki and out of TechNet Wiki. Microsoft Small Basic supports the following 20 languages...

What is Curah!, and how do I get started?

By Yelenah_
28 Oct 2013

Curah! is a simple and fun way to help others find great content on the internet. It is a curation service that enables you to share your expertise with others, collecting the sources that are truly helpful...

Azure API Management Services

By EngSoonCheah
15 Dec 2014

Each API Management services provide a " https: //*” domain. It allows you to call the endpoint with its own API, with the main application scenario writer understood as follows...

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