Silverlight for Windows Embedded is a native (C++ based) user interface (UI) development framework for Windows Embedded Compact powered devices and is based on Microsoft Silverlight 3. You can use Silverlight to do the following:

  • Define visual UI for applications in XAML.
  • Collaborate with designers by using TBD XAML projects.
  • Separate programming logic and UI design.
  • Add, modify, and customize the UI at run time.
  • Create interactive multimedia UI.

Silverlight is compatible with Silverlight 3 XAML and provides a set of equivalent classes for supported XAML elements. For information about Silverlight 3, see

Silverlight is also compatible with the existing Windows Embedded Compact window controls, so you can embed an existing Win32 control into your Silverlight application or embed a Silverlight application in a Win32 application.