The FIM Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) client installation package (MSI) is the RTM version. Subsequent updates (from the roll ups/patches) are typically MSP files.

When installing the Add-ins and Extensions on a client a version other than RTM may be desired. A single command line may be used to install the RTM client and a specific update.

The following example installs just the SSPR x86 client and x86 patch from Update 2.

msiexec /i "file://server/share/Add-ins and extensions.msi" /passive /norestart ADDLOCAL=PasswordClient;fimserver;;portal PATCH="file://server/share/FIMAddinsExtensions_x86_KB2635086.msp" /qb

Information on the general Add-ins and Extensions options and switches are here (see Table 4 at the bottom).

The PATCH switch is documented here.