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For pre-installation requirements go to:  Pre-Requisites for Installation of System Center Configuration Manager 2012 RC


To install the Configurations Manager 2012 HM01 have a virtual machine that is the domain controller, a server Sql Server 2008 R2 server named HM04 and HM07 where you install the Configuration Manager 2012. All servers are running Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1.

Installation Process

Splash.hta Run the file on the installation media to start the wizard, click Install

Go to start the configuration of the components

Select the option Install the Configuration Manager primary site and do not select the typical installation option. 

Accept the license terms

Select a folder to store the updates in Configuration Manager, usually select a local folder for this download

Select the language to be used for the installation of components

Configure the Configuration Manager Site information and installation folder

Select Install the primary site as a stand-alone site

Configure the SQL Server information and nomenclature of the base to be created.

Do not change the SMS Provider,

Configure the form of communication between the server and clients, I will not use encryption. I leave the option Set the communication method on each site system role

Select the option to install the Management Point and Distribution Point

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Make sure all information is correct and proceed

Before starting the installation and performed a final test requirements, go to start the installation

Wait until the wizard completes the installation.

Start the management console and make sure that no error occurred.

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Fernando Lugão Veltem
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