The purpose of this wiki is to guide you through the steps of creating a Usage Keyword to allow a specific set of users access to Navigational Bar Menu Items, or Search Scope Items, etc.  In this wiki, we will go through the steps of creating a Set and a Management Policy Rule (MPR) to generate this keyword.

*NOTE: This wiki will focus on creating a Set and MPR around Group Administrators.  You can actually name these items in correspondence to your business.


  1. Login to the FIM Portal as a FIM Administrator
  2. On the Navigational Bar Menu, select Sets
  3. Click the New button to create a new Set
    1. Display Name: My Keywords: Group Administrators
    2. Click Next
    3. On the Criteria-based members tab
      1. Change all resources to navigation bar resources
      2. Click Add Statement
      3. Select Usage Keyword contains Group Administrators
      4. Click Next
      5. Click Next to go past the Manuall-managed Members
      6. On the Summary Tab, click Submit
    4. Now you should have My Keywords: Group Administrators Set
  4. Create the Management Policy Rule (MPR) for the Usage Keyword
    1. Click the New button to Create Management Policy Rule
    2. General Tab
      1. Display Name: My Keywords: Group Management - Group Administrators
      2. Type: Request
      3. Disabled: Policy is disabled (do not check)
      4. Click Next
    3. Requestors and Operations Tab
      1. Requestors: Specific Set of Requestors:
        1. Type Group Administrators
      2. Operation:
        1. Select Read Resource
      3. Permissions:
        1. Select Grants permission
      4. Click Next
    4. Target Resources Tab
      1. Target Resource Definition Before Request:
        1. Type My Keywords: Group Administrators (Or the name of the Set you created in Step #3)
      2. Resource Attributes
        1. Select All Attributes
      3. Click Next
    5. Summary Tab
      1. Click Finish


You can utilize this Usage Keyword to control who gets to see which Navigational Bar Resources.  You can create additional Usage Keywords to assist as well.


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