This is a collection of World-Ready development resources (also known as "Globalization and Localizability" resources).

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General Articles and Resources


Technology Specific Resources

Windows Store apps

Windows Phone

MUI (Multilingual User Interface)


Java/International Components for Unicode (ICU)


Key Concepts

  • Learn - on MSDN GoGlobal
  • Get World-Ready (MSDN) - Guidelines and best practices for dealing with global software development.
  • Globalization Step-by-Step (MSDN) - Detailed articles to help application developers understand what it takes to "globalize" an application.
  • API References (MSDN) - API documentation related to globalization and internationalization.
  • Technical Reference (MSDN) - Information about keyboards, languages, locales, codepages, and other necessary information to enable international features of Windows family operating systems.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (MSDN) - Here you'll find answers to common questions over a broad range of internationalization, globalization, and localization topics.


Tools & Methods

  • Babel - A Unicode String Generator Tool (
  • Tools and Utilities (MSDN) - Tools for developing and testing world-ready applications
  • Language Quality Game (aka LQG) - A tool used by internal Microsoft Teams to allow the community to preview Screen Shots of products in various languages


Miscellaneous articles related to World-Ready development


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