The Big Data content team is a v-team.  Currently, the writers working on Big Data are Jonathan Gao, Wesley McSwain, Larry Franks, and Brad Severtson.  The content publishing manager is Mohamed Ibrahim.  The content PM is Susan Joly.

The content team wrote documentation for the first releases of Isotope, and published it on the TechNet wiki, at the following location:  This documentation addressed the on-premise release for the TAP program (no longer active), as well as the Azure release for the CTP program (which is still active). 

Currently (as of 4/30/2012), the content team is working on producing content for an upcoming, private on-premise preview.  For this documentation we're using a private wiki.  Access to the wiki will be given to the customers participating in the preview, as any Microsoft FTE working on this project.  To request access to the wiki, please email bigdwiki.  If you already have access to the private wiki, you can find the documentation at