This is a proposed TOC for what we are referring to as a "canonical topic". This specific type of topic would be written for a Server Role and it should contain all of the basic information about a server role.

Please, let me know if there are additional headings that you think are missing or whether you think this is too much for a single topic. Whatever feedback you have, we would be happy to hear from you!


Canonical Role Topic TOC

What's in this doc?

<The first 255 characters should contain the most important words that will help the readers decide if your document is the one they need. This assists in SEO but is particularly important for readers who are scanning the results list without clicking through. Be sure to include keywords commonly used in searches for the topic.>

Did you mean…

<Consider names of feature in previous operating systems, alternative means of accomplishing a similar task, list of links, disambiguator keywords, acronyms, format these as links.>
·        SCVMM instead of  Hyper-V? VSS instead of Backup?

Table of Contents

<Links to each of the H1 and H2. You can link to H3 as needed.>


<This is a basic overview of the role\technology.>

Who will be interested in this feature?

<This is a list and descriptions of the audience for this feature – who and why. This should also cover who should not consider this feature and why.>


Which SKUs of the operating system contain or support this product, if it is not universal?
What previous versions of this product existed before, and in what operating systems did they appear?
How does this version of the product interact with other supported operating system versions?>

Interoperability considerations

<Table of interop considerations – or short discussion if there are 3 or fewer issues.>

Major changes

·        <Table of changes since prior supported OS versions
·        Changes since the public beta/RC version (“End-of-life” this content after trial version expiration dates) >

New and changed features


<Short description.>

Why is this change important?

<Short explanation.>

What works differently?

<Details about the change.>


<This covers features that were removed, include information about workarounds or replacements.>

System requirements

<Requirements for this role. Break into Hardware and Software if needed.>

Installing this role

<Short description of what will be installed.>
To install Role
1.      In Server Manager….

Server Core installation considerations

<Information on installing this role on Server Core. Links to more information.>

Virtualization considerations

<Information and guidance about virtualizing this role on Hyper-V or other virtualization platforms. Links to more information.>

Links to additional information

<Use the categories below that make sense for your feature - links should be specific for your feature.>
Product evaluation
Evaluation tools (download demos)
Marketing content (benefits, ROI, competitors)
Virtual labs
Case studies
Industry reports
Pricing and licensing
Scenario documentation (Step-by-Step guides)
Step-by-step Guide
Deployment Guide
Operations Guide
Events and Errors
Technical Reference
Volume Shadow Copy Service
Community resources
TechNet wiki
<URL-formatted with search parameters or aggregation page – example TBD>
Related technologies
Active Directory Domain Services