Unable to register the server.


Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant is not installed on the server.


Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant is required to run the Windows Azure Online Backup Agent. It is included in the installation package for Windows Azure Online Backup Agent (OBSInstaller.exe) You can reinstall the agent or separately install Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant if it did not install correctly.

Make sure that the install path of Microsoft Services Sign-In Assistant is present in the environment variables.
  1. Go to Control Panel,
  2. Open System and Security
  3. Open System
  4. On left hand side of the window select Advanced System Settings
  5. At bottom of the dialogue Click on Environment Variables
  6. Look under System Variables for "Path"
There should be an entry similar to this: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Microsoft Online Services

If the problem persists, contact Microsoft Support.

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