This Wiki article runs you through the setup of deploying the Quick Start deployment type of Remote Desktop Services (Session Virtualization) in Windows Server 2012 using the Scenario Based Deployment. Setting up an RDS demo environment for Sessions on a server or VM running Windows Server 2012 literally takes you a few mouse clicks and a few minutes.

We assume that you have a server running Window Server 2012 (Windows Server 8 Beta) that is part of an Active Directory Domain.

Add roles and features

Open up the Server Manager Console and choose option 2, “Add roles and features”: 


Choose next to start the deployment

RDS Scenario based installation

Select the “Remote Desktop Services scenario-based installation”

Quick Start

As we want all the roles to be running on the same server, we choose the Quick Start option.

Session Virtualization

As we are going to be deploying sessions, not Virtual Desktops, we choose Session Virtualization.

We select the server where we want to install the roles

We confirm that we allow the deployment to reboot the server (needed for the RDSH role)


That's it!

The Scenario Based Deployment will now install the RD Session Host, RD Connection Broker and RD WebAccess role, create a first Session Collection and add computers to the Active Directory Groups as needed.

To make the lab even more complete, several applications are already added to the Remote App sections and published on RD WebAccess to give you an environment that can be used for demos instantly!



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