Sometimes it may be useful to see the results of an export prior to the execution.  You could also use the resulting xml file to trigger a script or for the script to take some action based on the results of the xml after it is parsed.

Viewing the results of an export via a .xml file

In this customer situation many accounts were set to be deprovisioned in Active Directory.  We created a drop file so the actions performed were populated in an XML file to see the results of the export on these objects.  From the drop file we determined that these accounts were in fact in a "terminated" state and the export was going to move the user objects to a TerminatedUsersOU

  1. Create a new run profile called Export-DropFile on the ADMA that the changes will be exported too.
  2. Change Type to Export
  3. Set Log File Options to "Create a log file and stop the run.  Do not stage to connector space. (test only)"
  4. Name or select an existing file exportdropfile.xml
  5. Take the remaining defaults and select finish
  6. Walk through the import and synch steps of your source MA
  7. run the Export-DropFile run profile that we just created in the ADMA
  8. Review the resulting file located in the MA folder or the location that you selected:

  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16" ?>
- <mmsml xmlns="http://www.microsoft.com/mms/mmsml/v2" step-type="delta-import">
      <directory-entries />

"I didn't have any changes in this run"