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Users who abuse Microsoft Terms of Use or Forum Code of Conduct policies are subject to banning. As a forum moderator, you cannot directly ban a user, nor do we ask that you make a judgment on whether a user should be banned. Instead, we ask that all moderators follow the defined escalation path if you notice abuse while moderating forums.


When you encounter a problem poster that is a general user, how you handle this depends on the nature of the violation. A user may not be aware that he/she is violating any rules, so the approach should not be “heavy-handed” for a minor violation.



Thread Text


SPAM/Malicious content

Open My Computer >> Right "C" drive >> Properties
Click on Disc Clean Up >> Select all options found
Next >> Delete All >> Finish
i would suggest to fix up the  tool to click here.
thank u

Note: Actual link target changed to for the purposes of this manual.

User has a history of posting the exact text in numerous threads. The thread text provides enough guidance to look plausible to casual forum users, but the proposed “fix up tool” leads to a potentially harmful MSI.

Guidance here is to:

Escalate this user for abuse.


Thank you all who tried helping on my last post.

Piscoe you think it's stupid well then you shouldn't of posted you idiot.

Poster is abusive towards another user named Piscoe. The original poster may not be aware that he/she is not allowed to conduct himself/herself in this way. Guidance here is to:

Warn the user about conduct and remove the abusive content. (See "Managing Abusive Threads")

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