Inventory collection status screen

  1. Total Discovered: This is the total count of computers discovered, inclusive of all discovery methods.
  2. Throbber: This icon spins to indicate that the MAP Toolkit is performing an operation.
  3. Machines Inventoried:  The total count of computers that have successfully had collections run against them.  At minimum one collector class must pass for the computer to count as inventoried.
  4. Collections Remaining: The total count of computers that have not yet had inventory attempts made against them.  This number may rise as the data collection goes along as new machines are found based on your discovery methods.
  5. Inventory Data (Guest/Host): This category is used to represent the discovery of a host and the guest machines discovered because they are on the same physical machine.
  6. Total Discovered: These are summary counts for each of the Discovery Collector types. A total is provided at the bottom that should match the sum of each type. This number may exceed the number of machines on the network because of duplications created by the different methods of discovery.
  7. Object Count: For each collector class type, this is a count of the total number of collector class objects collected across all devices. This column is only provided as a means of validating that the inventory is doing something. We do not expect you to validate the numbers displayed here as there is no way for you to effectively test it. Just make sure that some number, not 0, is being displayed.