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A common moderation question is how to manage links in forum posts. These types of links are commonly placed into posts:

·        3rd party links

·        Blogs, articles, and other web sites

·        Send to specific forum, not all-up


The following guidance is to be used when determining the allowance of links:

·        Links to Microsoft blogs, Web sites, and forums are always acceptable.

·         MVP and other forum users that place links to 3rd-party sites are acceptable as long as they conform to the Microsoft Code of Conduct.

·        When linking to a Microsoft forum, the link should be as specific as possible. For example, if you refer a user to the Windows 7 Deployment forum on TechNet, provide a link to the specific forum, not to the main TechNet site.

·        Links can appear inline with the text or as a pasted URL. For example:

Link in forum posts like this

Link in forum posts like this:

  • A pasted URL is clearer (where you're going to land), but make sure you include the name of the page if the URL is long or unclear.



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