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troll ( is someone who intentionally steers a thread off-topic or incites arguments in a forum.

The most important guidance is to not engage with trolls. This does not mean that you don’t respond to trolls, but don’t let them “get a rise out of you.” As long as you stay professional and reference the applicable Microsoft rules, you will do the right thing as a moderator without engaging with a troll.

An example of a troll’s post is as follows:

I, for one, am a compulsive liar.  Every word I speak is false, including this sentence. So, what's your deal, President Drew?  Why do you feel compelled to demoralize everybody else with your superiority?

The procedure for how to handle trolls is:

1.      Reply to the post and tell the user that you have deleted the post. Suggested text for such infractions is:


Please make sure that you abide by the posted Code of Conduct and Terms of Use. Future violations may result in the permanent banning of your forum profile. Thank you.



2.      If there are additional infractions, escalate the issue to request a user ban.


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