SPS 2003
Office 2003

  • If I click an Excel file in SharePoint, it opens read-only in Excel, as expected.  If I use the drop down and choose Edit in Microsoft Office Excel, then the file tries to open in Word instead of Excel - which does not work, of course.
  • If I close all instances of Excel before trying to open from SharePoint into Excel, then it does work.  The issue only occurs when I have other instances of Excel open.
  • Opening Excel files from websites that are not SharePoint works as expected.  This issue only occurs with Excel files stored on SharePoint.
  • Other office files work as expected, also immediately upon choosing the Edit in Microsoft Office Excel menu item, I get the error below and then the document tries to open in Word.

Error Message -
The document could not be edited. The required application may not be installed properly, or the requested document cannot be opened. Please ensure that the necessary application is installed and that the path to the document is correct. If the application was set to install on first use, run the application and then try editing a document again.

Repaired Office 2003 from control panel and everything works fine