Unable to register the machine. Unable to backup or schedule a backup. All operations are failing.


This error occures when is a time skew between the server being registered and the actual time. This could have happened because the timezone has been set wrong. This could also have happened if the time is set too far in past or future


Check if Windows Time service is running on the machine. Then use the following steps to either restart or run the Windows Time service on the machine.

  1. Search for Services.
  2. In the list, find the Windows Time service.
  3. Right click the service then select Start.

The timezone or time can also be set manually through Change date and time settings ...

  1. Click  Date and Time.
  2. Click Change date and time settings..
  3. Click Change time zone and select the correct time zone.
  4. Click Change date and time and select the correct time.

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