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TechEd North America 2012

Orlando, FL | June 11-14, 2012

This section highlights specific sessions from TechEd North America 2012 that relate to running SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machine.

The Cloud OS for the Modern Data Center (Day 1 Keynote)

Satya Nadella, Jeff Woolsey, Mark Russinovich, Scott Guthrie, Jason Zander, Amir Netz

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Satya opens by challenging attendees to reinvent themselves to address a new era of connected devices and continuous services and by discussing how Microsoft is rising to that challenge by building the cloud operating system designed for the modern data center, along with a set of new application frameworks for building continuous services.   Next, Satya introduces Jeff Woolsey to talk about how you can use Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012 to cloud-optimize your business.  He discusses the massive capacity and performance improvements in compute, storage and networking for both host machines and guest virtual machines  He also shows some amazing automation improvements for managing data center workloads at-scale, and new System Center capabilities that make it possible to extend your on-premise data center to the cloud.

Next, Mark Russinovich introduces Windows Azure improvements that enable Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) capabilities in Windows Azure that makes it possible to migrate virtual machines from your on premise environment, to the public cloud and back again.  Mark introduces Mike Boyle, CIO of Aflac, who demonstrates how Aflac is using Windows Azure Virtual Machines to migrate some SharePoint and SQL Server based solutions running in their on-premise environment to the cloud. 

Next, Satya shifts to talk about modern application development for connected devices and continuous services that enable new experiences that incorporate personalization, social networking and intelligence. Satya introduces Scott Guthrie who demonstrates how to build mobile web applications using Visual Studio 2012 and how to quickly deploy them to Windows Azure Websites. Scott introduces Jason Zander who demonstrates how to develop Windows 8 apps and mobile web applications with Visual Studio 2012. He also shows new support for developer operations (DevOps) that make it possible to isolate, debug and fix issues in continuous services running in the cloud. 

Satya wraps up by discussing Windows Intune which allows IT to set policies to ensure that secure access to applications and data can be directed to the right users on the right devices at the right time.  The keynote concludes with Amir Netz who who demonstrates how business users can leverage SQL Server 2012 Power View to get rich business insights over large quantities of unstructured data.

The New World of Data: SQL Server and Hybrid IT (Foundational Session)

Quentin Clark

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With today’s organizations quickly adopting Hybrid IT and pursuing the potential of Big Data, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is at the heart of the data revolution. Join us for a demo-intensive session that highlights SQL Server 2012 and Microsoft’s new technologies for delivering comprehensive solutions that enable traditional database needs while unlocking opportunity for new innovative solutions across on-premises and cloud environments. Quentin will address some of the tough issues facing organizations today; the need for mission critical SLAs that are simply expected, managing the explosion of unstructured data, and enabling end-user access to data with minimal impact to IT.

Meet the New Windows Azure (Foundational Session)

Scott Guthrie

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Windows Azure is a flexible and open cloud platform for a wide variety of applications ranging from web sites to enterprise and mobile applications. In this foundation session Scott Guthrie will demonstrate how to quickly build and deploy applications using the new Windows Azure features and services including Windows Azure Web Sites, Virtual Machines, and new developer tools and SDKs.

Windows Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks (Breakout Session)

Mark Russinovich

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Join Mark Russinovich for a tour of the features that make up the new Windows Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks offerings. Using demonstrations throughout, he explains the Virtual Machine storage architecture and shows how to provision and customize virtual machines, configure network connectivity between virtual machines, and configure site-to-site networks that enable true applications that span from on-premises to Windows Azure. He’ll focus specifically on features that enable you to create highly available Virtual Machine-based services and how to connect Virtual Machines with Cloud Services.

Windows Azure IaaS and How It Works (Breakout Session)

Corey Sanders

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In this session we cover the significant investments that Microsoft is making in our Windows Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution and how it works. We discuss how you provision, deploy, and manage Virtual Machines and Applications in Windows Azure. The session spends time covering both the new management portal and PowerShell management options.

Migrating Applications to Windows Azure Virtual Machines (Breakout Session)

Michael Washam, Corey Sanders

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Building cloud-based applications with a PaaS model allows for the developer to focus on the task of building software instead of worrying about the underlying infrastructure. However, this abstraction can come at a cost. Sometimes building a complex solution or integrating with a legacy application requires more control than the PaaS model easily offers. The spring release of Windows Azure will be enhanced by including powerful new Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) capabilities. These capabilities open more opportunities for applications to benefit from the Windows Azure Platform. Joining the PaaS and IaaS service models it is possible to take advantage of the best of both models. Come to this session and learn about saving time and complexity with PaaS and retaining full control when needed by tapping into IaaS.

Migrating SQL Server Database Applications to the Windows Azure Virtual Machine (Breakout Session)

Guy Bowerman, Evgeny Krivosheev

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Many customers have existing Microsoft SQL Server applications running on Windows Server that are already virtualized and would benefit from running in the public cloud. Windows Azure is introducing an expanded Virtual Machine offering that would be an ideal environment to migrate your existing SQL Server applications. In this session, we talk about this offering and how it applies to SQL Server, the steps involved in migrating, deploying, and running your database application with High Availability in Azure.

Windows Azure Training Kit

This section contains links to specific Windows Azure Training Kit materials you can use to educate others about running SQL Server on Windows Azure Virtual Machine.


We reccomend that you deliver these presentations in the order specified as they have dependencies upon each other.

  1. Prerequisite: Windows Azure Virtual Machines
  2. Prerequisite: Windows Azure - Migrating Applications And Workloads
  3. Windows Azure - Migrating SQL Server Workloads

Hands On Labs

This section contains links to specific Windows Azure Training Kit hands on labs related to running SQL Server on Windows Azure Virtual Machine.

Virtual Machine Templates

This section contains links to virtual machines you can upload to Windows Azure Virtual Machine to try out the service.

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