To create an explicit interface implementation in Visual Basic (VB) you simply have to change the implementation method declaration to Private.

The following code demonstrates how to create an explicit implementation:

Shared Sub Main()
        ' Declare a class instance "myBox":
        Dim myBox As New Box(30.0F, 20.0F)
        Dim Md As Shape = CType(myBox, Shape)
        ' Print out the dimensions of the box by calling the methods
        '  from an instance of the interface:                       
        Console.WriteLine("Length: {0}", Md.Length())
        Console.WriteLine("Width: {0}", Md.Width())
End Sub
Public Interface Shape
    ReadOnly Property Length As Decimal
    ReadOnly Property Width As Decimal
End Interface
Public Class Box
   Implements Shape
    Private lengthInches As Decimal
    Private widthInches As Decimal
    Public Sub New(ByVal length As Decimal, ByVal width As Decimal)
        lengthInches = length
        widthInches = width
    End Sub
    Private ReadOnly Property Length As Decimal Implements Shape.Length
            Return lengthInches
        End Get
    End Property
    Private ReadOnly Property Width As Decimal Implements Shape.Width
            Return widthInches
        End Get
    End Property
End Class

For the C# version, see