The concept of default and extended properties available with the PowerShell Active Directory cmdlets are defined in Active Directory: PowerShell AD Module Properties. The PowerShell Get-ADGroup cmdlet supports the default and extended properties in the following table. Many can be assigned values with the Set-ADGroup cmdlet. In the table, default properties are shown with the property name highlighted in cyan. Extended properties are highlighted in pink.

Property Syntax R/RW lDAPDisplayName
CanonicalName String R canonicalName
CN String R cn
Created DateTime R whenCreated
Deleted Boolean R isDeleted
Description String RW description
DisplayName String RW displayName
DistinguishedName String (DN) RW distinguishedName
GroupCategory String RW groupType (bit mask 2147483648)
GroupScope String RW groupType (bit mask 1, 2, 4, or 8)
HomePage String RW wWWHomePage
LastKnownParent String (DN) R lastKnownParent
ManagedBy String (DN) RW managedBy
MemberOf ADCollection R memberOf
Members ADCollection R member
Modified DateTime R whenChanged
Name String R cn (Relative Distinguished Name)
ObjectCategory String R objectCategory
ObjectClass String RW objectClass, most specific value
ObjectGUID Guid RW objectGUID converted to string
ProtectedFromAccidentalDeletion Boolean RW nTSecurityDescriptor
SamAccountName String RW sAMAccountName
SID Sid RW objectSID converted to string
SIDHistory ADCollection R sidHistory

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