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Private Cloud

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Case Studies

  • Air Products: Industrial Gas Manufacturer Deploys Software and Servers Faster with Automation. ( 14 June 2012)
  • MODETOUR: B2C, B2B Tour Service That Take Wings with Private Cloud ( 12 June 2012)
  • University of Incheon: Using a Computer Lab as the Starting Point for Students' Cloud Computing Experience  ( 12 June 2012)
  • American University of Beirut: By Moving to the Cloud, University Significantly Cuts Costs and Improves Customer Service ( 8 June 2012)
  • Convergent Computing: Consultancy Helps Customers Optimize Servers, Save $1.2 Million with Private Cloud ( 18 May 2011)
  • Microsoft Corporation: Microsoft Uses HP Hardware to Provision 40,000 Virtual Machines in Five Days. ( 5 May 2011)
  • China Telecommunications Corporation: China Telecom Introduces Cloud Services Platform in Just Six Months. ( 22 April 2011)
  • Internet Initiative Japan: Cloud-Services Provider Reduces Time-to-Market Time and Cost by 33 to 50 Percent. ( 14 April 2011)
  • Lionbridge Technologies: Global Translation Provider Simplifies Private Cloud Administration with Portal. ( 16 July 2010)

Private Cloud Competitors

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