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The SQL Native and SQL Windows Collectors are the same except for the credentials used. They are used to collect additional in-depth SQL Server database information from remote Windows based computers. This collector technology is used for these inventory scenarios.

  • Lync Server
  • SQL Server with Database Details
  • Windows Azure Platform Migration

SQL Server uses Port 1433 for default instances and port 1434 for the SQL Server Browser Service. For named instances, MAP queries the browser service and learns the port numbers assigned by SQL Server or that were manually set by the user. See this support article for more information on named instance port numbers.

MAP can use either SQL Server Authentication or Windows Authentication to query the database engines. MAP refers to these methods as SQL Native and SQL Windows respectively. Although they are listed separately in the Inventory Wizard, you only need to provide administrator credentials for one.

Note: The SQL Server Inventory Scenario does not use this collector and only uses a subset of the WMI collector queries. This scenario is designed to be used as a way to quickly discover SQL Server in an environment and for license planning. This option will run quicker than the SQL Server Inventory with Database Details scenario, since this option does not connect to SQL Server and has fewer WMI queries.