This Wiki article runs you through the setup of deploying the Standard deployment type of Remote Desktop Services (Session Virtualization) in Windows Server 2012 using the Scenario Based Deployment. The Standard deployment type is used in scenario's where you want to spread the RDS roles over different servers. If you want to run all roles on a single server, follow this Wiki: Deploying the RDS Quick Start deployment type in Windows Server 2012 (for Session Virtualization)

We assume that you have a server running Window Server 2012 (Windows Server 8 Beta) that is part of an Active Directory Domain.

Open up the Server Manager Console and choose option 3, “Add other servers to manage”:

Now add all the servers you want to be able to deploy RDS to:

Go back to the Server Manager Console and choose option 2, “Add roles and features”, and choose next on the welcome screen

Select the “Remote Desktop Services installation”

Since we want to deploy roles over multiple servers, we choose Standard Deployment.

Since we want to configure sessions, not virtual machines (VDI) we choose Session-Based Desktop Deployment:

De wizard explains what roles will be configured in the standard deployment and what these roles do. Choose next,

Select the server you want to deploy the RD Connection Broker role on. Note that during this wizard this can only be one server, you can add additional servers later.
More info on that see here: Installing and configuring RD Connection Broker High Availability in Windows Server 2012

Next, choose the server(s) you want to deploy the RD WebAccess role on:

And finally, choose the server(s) you want to deploy the RD Session Host role on.

The wizard will show a confirm, choose deploy to start the standard deployment. The servers on which you will deploy the RD Session Host role will be automatically rebooted.

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