This Wiki runs you through the setup to add an RD Gateway role to an existing Remote Desktop Services Scenario. The RD Gateway role is one of the two roles that, as of yet, cannot be deployed using the initial scenario based deployment. That's why adding the RD Gateway involves the following steps.

If you have not done this already, add the server you want to add the RD Gateway role on to the Server Manager. To do this select option 2. "Add other servers to manage".

Now within the server manager browse to "Remote Desktop Services". You are now provided with the Deployment Overview.

Left-click on the RD Gateway Icon to be provided with a wizard to add the RD Gateway Server.

Select the server you want to add the RD Gateway role on.

Provide the wizard with a name that will be used for the SSL encryption between the client and the RD Gateway server.

As a final step, the wizard will show a confirm message. Choose add to finalize the setup.

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