An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data.



Resolution steps:

  1. Check if all components like Bootimages, OS-Images, Task-Sequences and Announcements are published to all distribution-points
  2. Check if there is a processing-failure during the distribution
  3. Check permissions on file-System (insert "system"-account and SCCM PXE-Point FQDN with Full-Acces (share and security permissions))
  4. Add the network-access acount with Domain-Administration Status
  5. Update the Network Driver to the Bootimages
  6. Add the client computer to SCCM "Computers"-Section (Import with MAC-Address) and create Task-Sequence Announcement to this Selection
  7. Try to clear Client-PCs PXE-Announcements
  8. Check if there are both boot Images deployed (x64 and x86) and distributed to DPs

If you have to re-create boot files check out: