Today you step by step installation of Windows Server 2012 FTP Service would like to share,
add a portion of the Role As a first step we select from the Server Manager,  Windows 8,

which appears on the screen, select Role-based or feature-based installation click on NEXT,


Then, Windows Server 2012 offers us the beauty of the 'Service which we want to install on the server' comes the question. This is probably the lives of system administrators, we have a feature that makes it very easy. Here I chose the local server.


Feature which appears on the screen by selecting the IIS Webserver (Add Feature) NEXT passing to the next stage,


Another feature is to be included on the next screen i choose NEXT directly,


We continue with NEXT again,


We choose the FTP Server service is part of IIS features are brought about and the next call,


After you install the required services will ever need to restart our server will start automatically re-emerges, and to approve a warning asks confirmation from us. We continue to YES,


As shown below, the installation process begins,


Which resulted in the installation procedure was successful and the server restarts when the user clicks the option screen comes CLOSE,


Windows 8 interface gözattığımızda IIS - Internet Information Service is a service that is no longer available on our server we can see,


As shown below, along with a lot of innovations in Windows Server 2012 in IIS Services 8 version offers


As you can see below C: \ under test purposes 'FTP' have created a folder called,


Under the two types of FTP file klasörümüzün took


Then right-click on the IIS manager on our server by clicking on the 'Add FTP Site' he will continue,


Desire by giving a name to C:\FTP klasörümüze lead,


FTP service port and the addresses are selected to fulfill the following screen. We left the default options. Of course if you want to be able to bring this service to more secure by choosing SSL,


Active Directory Users and Computers interface will give the FTP service allows users to benefit from a beautiful grupluyoruz,



 Here we add the users are able to read or write rights. We also wanted to give write access to users within the company added,



The following screen 2nd screen on the right, select the FTP service FTP Authorization Rules option to add users or groups that want to take advantage of this service. We are created in the Active Directory group called FTP Users added,


Below is a test just to make local server as an address establishing of communication by typing the ftp server port number 21 and immediately asked us what we wanted to connect with the user name. We also Domain \ User and live to enter the password.


 Allow access to the case files for more as you can see below,

If we want, such as Windows Explorer can display this interface,



And come across a screen as follows,



So far everything has worked smoothly, but users are connected locale for. If you want to turn on the Windows Firewall from outside the FTP service to check that the FTP service will need to create a rule small. Advanced options for Windows Firewall service we're going to



Select Inbound Rules New Rule section,



create a new port rule,



Portumuzu number 21 over the TCP protocol,



With the option to allow the FTP service,



let the environments in which said opening,



Kuralımıza a name and description (optional) given,



As shown on the picture ready to rule,



Of course, a small detail that emerges friend, the DNS server IP address each time our users do not expect to enter the DNS CNAME record at an ayarlarımızdan,



Entering the IP address of this entry in our server,



As you can see from another server (winsrv-8-SQL) FTP to our server (SRV-8) bağlantmız is taking place,



Explorer interface, trying to create another folder. As mentioned above, the right to connect to the FTP kullancıılarımıza tanımıştık writing,



We have created a test called seamlessly klasörümüzü,



When we have created the Internet Explorer screen refresh with F5, Senior Trial klasörümüzde emerges,



And user rights for the installation of Windows Server 2012, the FTP and DNS settings described thank you all for your interest in this article on.

See you soon ...