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Hardware Requirements

SQL Server

    • Processor: 64 bit, 4 cores (small deployments) and 8 cores 
    • RAM: 8 GB (small deployments) and 16 GB 
    • Hard disk: 80 GB

    Application Server + Front-end Web Server

    • Processor: 64 bit, 4 cores
    • RAM: 8 GB
    • Hard disk: 80 GB (System drive) + Storage depending on your requirements

    Software Requirements

    SQL Server

    SharePoint 2013 needs one of the following versions of SQL Server:

    • SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1, 64 bit
    • SQL Server 2012, 64 bit

    Application Server + Front-end Web Server

    SharePoint 2013 needs one of the following versions of Windows Server:

    • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, 64bit
    • Windows Server 2012, 64 bit


    Installation Guide

    Please download the Foundation version or Server version of SharePoint 2013, and rename the "*.IMG" to "*.ISO" and attach this to the Drive of your Virtual Drive.


    Select your DVD and click on "Install software prerequisites"


    It will as the old version install a few softwares and features that SharePoint 2013 needs.

    You need a Internet Connection for installing this prerequisites.


    You will see the progress bar installing all the prerequisites.


    You should see that all required prerequisites has been installed or enabled.


    When I wanted to install SharePoint 2013, I received a warning that I should restart my computer before installation.

    Please proceed as they want, and reboot.


    Provide the license key that you received from Microsoft TechNet.


    Please click "I accept the terms of this agreement"


    Please choose the Server type that you want, I choose for Complete


    And the magical installation will begin.


    Check "Run the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard now"


    The following services may have to be started, just click Yes


    Select Create a new server Farm


    Provide the:


    Provide a Passphrase, without this you can not add servers to your farm.


    Provide a Port number for you Central Administration. It should be different from '80'


    The configuration takes his place.


    Just click Finish


    Provide your Credentials to SharePoint13

      • SPPirate\SPFarm
      • Vision1T


    And your SharePoint 2013 has been installed and configured for use ..



    Installation tool from CodePlex community

    This project provide PowerShell based installation script for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

    Features of this project:

    • Granular SQL server assignment and aliasing for (almost) every service/web app (for control freaks)
    • Centralized, remote installation to all farm servers
    • Ability to specify any XML input file, by passing it as an argument to AutoSPInstallerLaunch.bat
    • Several tweaks & fixes

You can get more informations about this project on codeplex project webpage.


    Happy configuring !!

    Gokan Ozcifci