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It's important to build out (optimize) your social profile for the MSDN/TechNet Forums. This will help others get to know you as they build a relationship with you.

  1. Make sure your display name is a friendly one, i.e. "John Doe".
    • Do not manually put a suffix like "MVP” or “Partner" in your display name as this is not the recommended convention; there is a way to associate your profile instead – ask your MS social lead.
    • Don't use anything cryptic, like a fictitious character/fantasy online handle.
    • If you don't want to use your real name for privacy purposes, at least use a handle that highlights your MS community area of focus.
      • However your name is recommended as it would be perceived by the community as authentic credibility.
  2. Set a unique photo/icon for your profile. Otherwise your icon appears with the default given to you by the TechNet/MSDN Social platform, which looks very generic and does not give you a unique visual identity. We recommend a photo, but you can include another image that represents you well.
  3. Add your Website and Social Media Connections. You can click "Edit My Profile" on your profile and then enter a site (such as a blog or MVP profile), along with a link to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or XING pages. This allows others to get to know you better.
  4. In your biography, include information such as your certifications, previous awards (MVP, etc.), and any other information that might help establish your background.

For more  information about profiles, see the Profile FAQ

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