Product: Lync 2010, Lync 2013
Issue Bucket: Lync Meeting auto-join via client.
OS : Windows.

Typically when you click on a meeting link in outlook, it opens up your default browser, then opens up your Lync (2010/2013) client and then closes (only on IE, other browsers show a page with a message to close the page & link to launch Lync Web App). This is the expected behavior & it is been working fine for you. You're happy. :)

Suddenly, one day, you clicked on a meeting link and today it doesn't launch your Lync client for you. It does open up your browser but the browser now takes you to the Lync Web App page instead. It does not launch your Lync client. You absolutely need to get in this meeting quickly - what do you do ?

Here's some quick fixes you can try to get you there:
  •   Close all browser windows/tabs and then click on the link.
  • If that didn't do it for you, looks like your browser settings may be corrupt. Go to browser options -> open up the add-ons/plugins. Ensure that Lync Meeting join add-in / MeetingJoinHelper class is enabled and loaded. If this plugin is disabled for some reason, then browser won't be able to launch your client. Make sure it is enabled.
  • If it's enabled, then it looks like it got corrupt somehow. Try one of the following options:
    • If you've any other browser installed, try to copy paste the meeting link (https://... ) into this other browser e.g. if IE is your default browser, try to paste the link in Firefox and see if it works. You can debug why IE doesn't work later on but this will at least get you going for now.
  • There's a easy workaround in place as well:

    say your meeting link is, you can open windows run prompt and type the following: 

    ( is the sipURI of the organizer and ABCDEFGH is conference ID)    

    Make sure you replace them (bold characters above) with the one from your meeting link. That should launch your Lync client for you. If this creates an error pop-up, then your Lync client is either missing or it is corrupt. You will need to do the step below.


  • You can uninstall Lync client and install it back again which should fix this plugin/add-on for you (Warning: Make sure you've access to the Lync client installation msi/exe before you do this step.)

    Happy MeetingJoin!