Signing up and managing your profile changed with the integration of the TechNet Wiki into the TechNet Profile. You only have to sign up once for all the TechNet and MSDN services (so if you're already signed up, you might not have anything left to do). Once you get going, check out TechNet Wiki: How to Join Leadership.


Follow these steps to to join the wiki, build your reputation, and collaborate with others. Watch the video (less than 10 minutes) or scroll down to read the steps.

In either case, read the guidelines below about choosing a user name to improve your experience.

Sign in to TechNet Online Services

  1. Get a free Windows Live ID if you don’t already have one.
  2. Click Sign In on the home page (upper-right corner).

Choose a Display Name to build your reputation

Complete the Display Name section of the signup page. Your display name is public, and it doesn't have to be similar into your Windows Live ID email account name.

For example, use your legal name, or a name that you are known as on other Internet resources.

To maintain a healthy wiki community we will keep it free of offensive names:

  • Users with abusive, vulgar, or offensive names will be removed without warning!
  • Users with trademarked, celebrity, or other unusable names might be renamed.
  • These restrictions apply where offense or misrepresentation is intended or implied, in any language.
  • Where there is any doubt or ambiguity, the TechNet Wiki Community Council will make the final decision.


  • You can include spaces,  or a dash.
  • If you are an MVP, you can append MVP to your display name (for example, Jane Doe - MVP).
  • If you are a Microsoft employee,
    • (1) Append MSFT to your display name (for example, Jonathon Doe - MSFT). Your profile should automatically show people that you are a Microsoft employee, but doing this allows people to see that you're a Microsoft employee without clicking your profile. (To find out how to make your profile automatically marked as a Microsoft employee, contact Tony Soper or Ed Price.)
    • (2) Include your e-mail address in the Biography section of your profile. (This will help customers contact you.) 
    • (3) Enter Microsoft in the I work at section, and describe what you do in the Biography section of your profile page. 
    • (4) In the Avatar section, upload a picture of yourself as your icon (avatar image).
    • (5) If you have a Microsoft blog or contribute to one (or another Microsoft page), add it to the Website section.
    • One more thing! You can’t change your sign-in name once you create it. If you make a mistake, delete the account, and then create another one. However, you CAN change your display name at any time, so even if you make a mistake in your account name, you can just change your display name and no one will know about the mistake you made.

Review the terms of use

  1. Click the I accept the services agreement link and read the terms of use.
  2. If you accept the terms, click the I accept the services agreement check box.
  3. Click Join now. You are now signed in, you will see a welcome message, and you’ll receive confirmation e-mail.

Add more profile information so other users will want to collaborate with you

  1. Click your user name (upper-right corner) to add more profile information.
  2. Click Edit my profile on the left, under your avatar image. 
  3. In the Display Name section, change your name or type your legal name, company name, or other name.
  4. In the I work at section, include the company or organization that you work for.
  5. In the Biography section, add your areas of interest and expertise in the Biography description. You can summarize them and add a link to an existing profile. You can list your Twitter account or blog in your Biography section. Users are more likely to friend you and want to collaborate with you if you add substance to your profile.
  6. In the Website section, you can include your favorite site that you contribute to, such as your blog, your website, your Twitter account, your YouTube channel, your Facebook profile, or your LinkedIn profile.
  7. In the Avatar section on the left, add a picture as your icon (avatar image). It makes TechNet Wiki more friendly and less anonymous.

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