NOTE: The effects of this action are still being evaluated - use the procedure below for testing purposes only.

So, you've deployed IIS 7 and WSS 3.0 for your FIM Farm and now your users are landing on an empty page. What about the Identity Management page, what can I do to get the user to land directly on the FIM Portal page? One simple answer is to use an HTTP redirect within IIS 7. Follow these simple steps to implement the redirect:

HTTP Redirect

  1. From Server Manager, expand Roles down to Web Server (IIS), Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  2. In the Connections pane, expand the server name and click Sites
  3. Select the web site you deployed for WSS
  4. In the Home pane for your site under the IIS heading is an HTTP Redirect icon - click it

Configure the Redirect

The HTTP Redirect screen allows you to redirect to a specific URL within the site.  Enter the URL you wish to redirect to by checking the box for Redirect requests to this destination.

Important: It's imperative that you also check the box for Only redirect requests to content in this directory (not subdirectories). If you do not check this box then you will end up in an infinite loop where the redirect is continually redirected. This also allows any other page on the site to be accessible and unaffected by the redirect.

Commiting the Change

To commit the change, click the Apply button in the Actions pane or Cancel to discard the changes.

WSS Web Farm Mode

If you are running multiple standalone web servers or running in Web Farm Mode you will need to commit the same change to each server. If you have a hardware load balancer you can elect to perform the redirection there instead of at the web tier to avoid the multiple touch.