Before describing Existing Office 365 Administrator and User experience during the EHA Migration, please know that Companies that are using a hybrid setup (defined below) for Office 365 are not yet eligible to have their Exchange Hosted Archive (EHA) migrated to Office 365. If you are a hybrid configuration please indicate so by replying to your e-mail migration announcement, or by calling EHA Support at 1-866-291-7726, and your migration will be postponed. A hybrid deployment is one where your company has mailboxes located both on your on-premise Exchange mail servers and also on Microsoft’s Office 365 Exchange Online service. For an expanded definition of hybrid see the Hybrid deployments section on the Office 365 for IT pros web page.

If all of your mailboxes are using Office 365, then the following information describes changes that Administrators and Users will experience during the EHA Migration:

Licensing: Your Office 365 licenses may be upgraded. Migrating EHA to Office 365 requires enabling the Advanced Archiving features in Office 365 which is available in Exchange Online Plan 2 (EP2). For more information about licensing grants for existing EHA customers please read EHA-to-Office 365: Understnading your Licensing Options.

Impact of EHA migration on your Office 365 Global Address List (GAL): If a mailbox does not already exist in Exchange Online, one will be created for each provisioned EHA user that transitions from EHA. Each of these users will be appear in the GAL.

Unprovisioned Users: Before your transition you should review your EHA user list and make sure all users you expect to be in EHA exist. See the information on the Unprovisioned Users page located here which discusses EHA Unprovisioned Users.

User Experience: Existing Office 365 users will experience minimal impact during the migration of EHA. Your Office 365 users who have not had their Office 365 Archive folders enabled will now be archive enabled which means the user will see their Archive folders in their Outlook folder list. Also, the EHA messaging content will begin to appear in their Office 365 Archive folders as messages are migrated from EHA to Office 365. This migration does not impact the Inbox and folders in the user’s primary Office 365 mailbox.

Administration: Administrators will see that migration has made two configuration changes to their EHA-migrated Office 365 users – assuming that these settings were not already configured:

  1. The Archive Folders in the user’s Office 365 mailbox will become enabled. This is where migrated EHA messages will be placed.
  2. Litigation Hold will be enabled, which is the configuration that is equivalent with EHA’s Retention Period. Please visit the Message Retention and Legal/Litigation Hold page here for additional information about how EHA’s Message Retention setting is equivalent to Office 365’s Litigation Hold setting.