We use  Property Schema to promote a property (field)  so that we can access it in orchestration and use for Message routing. Elements in property schema has different Property Schema Base value.

Property Schema Base


This is Default Schema base value of Element.Promoted Property element which has MessageDataPropertyBase as Property Schema base can only be originated from associated Document Schema. This kind of promoted element is limited to the Document schema. In Orchestration, Document Schema element is associated with Promoted property Element using Promote –> Show promotions (and also Quick Promotion) and than this promoted property can be used in Orchestration or Port Level.


Promoted Property element which has MessageContextPropertyBase as Property Schema base can be originated from associated Document Schema or promoted in Pipeline Components  or promoted using Correlation. So this Property is not associated to particular Document Schema, any document schema can use this promoted property.


It is like MessageContextPropertyBase but  promoted element with PartContextPropertyBase value can be used on a part of Multipart message.


We have following Property Schema:

  • MessageContext element has Property Schema base as  MessageContextPropertyBase.
  • PartContext element has Property Schema base as PartContextPropertyBase .

Property Schema Property Schema

Following is the Multipart Message Part

MultiPart Message

So if we want to add context to the Multipart message, we can use following code:

//where Multipartmsg is message with MultipartMessage Type

Now, if we want to add context to a part (called Body) of Multipart message we can use:


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