This guide is part of the System Center Authoring Hub  .

The System Center 2012 Integration Guide provides an overview of each System Center component in its role as a programmable platform to be leveraged for the Microsoft Private Cloud.  It is intended to provide an abstraction layer that guides partners and customers on their decision process for methods to build automated solutions across System Center components.

This guide is a community project to analyze the different options for integration with the components of System Center 2012.  Please feel free to edit each section to improve its quality.  You may add additional content, clarify existing content, or provide links to related information.  Microsoft resources will continuously monitor the guide to ensure that it is accurate and reflects the latest information.

Component Guides

Each of the following sections provides an overview of each System Center component, its different options for automating processes, and the methods for integrating with it from other application and other System Center components.  You can link to each of these sections below.

The following diagram shows the integration of the System Center 2012 cloud components with each other and with other software and hardware.  Click on the diagram to view it full size.

Technical Scenarios

Technical scenarios provide guidance for challenges that are either solved by using multiple System Center components or by using special configuration or customization.  Several scenarios have been documented here in the TechNet Wiki, and this list will continuously grow.