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A PowerShell module is available on CodePlex to simplify FIM management ( 

This article shows how to use that module to add a user to the FIM Service. 
Note: This snippet was copied from the FIM PowerShell Module project documentation.  There are more samples there, as well as the module source code.

Script Code

Import-Module C:\CodePlex\FimPowerShellModule.psm1


### Create a Person Object: Harry


New-FimImportObject -ObjectType Person -State Create -Changes @{

   DisplayName       = 'The Harry'

   AccountName       = 'Harry'

   FirstName         = 'Harry'

   Description       = 'Have any grapes?'

   EmployeeType      = 'Contractor'

   LastName          = 'Palmer'

   JobTitle          = 'Tester'

   Domain            = 'LITWARE'

   Email             = ''

} -ApplyNow



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