Microsoft Small Basic is a beginner .NET language, derived from QuickBasic. It was first launched as a public beta in 2008, and version 1 launched in 2010. It is very international, and is available in over 20 languages.  Small Basic is actually a toned down version of Visual Basic.NET, running on the .NET 3.5 framework.


If you can't find a function you need to use in a program in Small Basic's main library, you can write an extension for it in any other .NET language (VB.NET and C# tutorials).  If you do not wish to create your own extension you can download some other extension, such as Fremy's Extension or LitDev's Extension. A list of extensions is available here.


It currently still has an active community of users in its forums @

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If you are interested in learning to program, Small Basic is a great way to start! Get it at

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