If you have been using Windows Server 2012 to access Remote Apps / or desktops via RD WebAccess or via the new Remote Desktop App, you will have noticed that by default it will contain the title  “Work Resources”. Although there is a config file called RDWAStrings .xml (inside C:\Windows\Web\RDWeb\Pages\en-US) that allows to change certain strings, the title “Work Resources” is set on a deployment (workspace) level and cannot be changed using the .xml file. Instead, we need to use PowerShell.

In order to do so, open up a new PowerShell window and import the RemoteDesktop module

Import-Module RemoteDesktop

Next, use the set-RDWorkspace command to change the name of the workspace



Set-RDWorkspace [-Name] <string> [-ConnectionBroker <string>]  [<CommonParameters>]<br>

For example, the command to change the workplace to "XYZ Applications" you can use the following command:

set-RDWorkspace -Name "XYZ Applications" -ConnectionBroker broker01.company.local

If you are running multiple Connection Brokers in High Availability mode, you must run this against the active broker. You can use this command:

Set-RDWorkspace -Name "XYZ Applications" -ConnectionBroker (Get-RDConnectionBrokerHighAvailability).ActiveManagementServer