By bringing a common home to thousands of developers who are interested in Windows Phone application development by removing the restriction previously had for some countries who do need to go through a 3rd party app submission process. Now people from 180 countries can submit their apps and most importantly they earn more as they are free from the 3rd party app submitter. 

There are many other advantages brought to the developers as well.
  • Speedup the submission process
  • Simplify the submission requirements
  • Daily updating statistics
  • Link payments to the bank account
  • Manage unlocked devices
There are 3 main ways to get an account at Windows Phone.
  • Paying annual subscription
  • MSDN Subscription
  • Through a coupon
The Dev Center includes almost everything you need to Start your carrier as a Windows Phone App Developer. It includes Software Development Kit, Sample Apps and Dashboard to view the status of your apps, downloads and income. 

Microsoft has recently introduced the availability to submit several XAP files depending on the specific requirements of the developer. This feature is easily made available through the Dev Center. Microsoft expects you to come out with your bright app ideas and put them into play with these new enhancements and for the developers, the market will be wider as there is a vast variety of Windows Phone 8 devices come in future. Most importantly, every Windows Phone 7 app will run on Windows Phone 8.

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