First, don't do the things that destroy community.

Next, read Art Of Community and WikiPatterns for wisdom, tips, and tricks from other communities.

Conduct your wiki activities according to the Leadership Code of Conduct. Help others, be nice.

Also communicate, a lot.

After that:

  1. Build trust. Fill out your profile, and provide a means for others to contact you if they have questions on your activities.
  2. Promote your community. For example, follow the wiki ninjas twitter account. Tweet links to content found useful.
  3. Be active within the community. Contribute content.
  4. Build relationships with others.
    1. Use the comments field to leave feedback on a topic. If you find it useful, let the authors know by leaving them a comment. If you find a deficiency, you can do the same, or you can just fix it yourself using the Edit button.
    2. If you edit an article, there is another "Comment" field you can use to let the authors know the reasoning behind your edit. This is courteous and very useful for others.
    3. It will be good to thank or appreciate people who is contributing to community, it will entourage them to contribute more.

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