This wiki is meant to be share prepartion resources for the exam 70-417.

General preparation material

Exam preparation guide
Course: 20417A: Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server 2012 (5 Days)
Introducing Windows Server 2012 (RTM Edition) (eBook)
Windows Server 2012 Jump Start! Upgrade Skills for Exam 70-417
Exam Ref 70-417: Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server® 2012 (Release date:  November 2012 (est.))
Windows Server 2012 Jump Start (recorded during the Release Candidate)
Windows Server 2012 Technical Overview (Microsoft Virtual Academy)

Preparation material per exam objective

Please post the links under each exam objective.

Install and Configure Servers
Installing Windows Server 2012 (Technet Library)
Migrate Roles and Features to Windows Server 2012 (Technet Library))
Overview of Storage Spaces (Building Windows 8 Blog)
Deploy and Manage Storage Spaces with PowerShell
How to Configure a Clustered Storage Space in Windows Server 2012 (MSDN/TechNet Blogs)
Implementing Disk Management (( Based on Windows Server 2008, but still relevant )
Plan for a Server Installation
Plan for Server Roles (Familiarize yourself with the available Server Roles)
Plan for a Server Upgrade
Server Core Overview
Install Server Core
Configure Features on Demand
Migrate Roles from Previous Versions of Windows Server (Familiarize yourself with an overview of the Server Migration Tools)
Install, Use and Remove Windows Server Migration Tools
Demo: Installing Server Migration Tools (Based on Windows Server 2008 R2, but still relevant)
Configure Server Core
Delegate Administration
Add and Remove Server Roles and Features
Convert Server Core to/from Full "Server with GUI"
Configure Services
NIC Teaming Overview
Configuring NIC Teaming
NIC Teaming PowerShell Cmdlets

Configure Server Roles and Features

Configure Remote Management in Server Manager
Configure Remote Management on Server Core

Managing Windows Server 2008 SP2 and R2 from Windows Server 2012 Server Manager
Add Servers to Server Manager
Create and Manage Server Groups
View and Configure Performance, Event, and Service Data
Filter, Sort, and Query Data in Server Manager Tiles
Run Best Practices Analyzer Scans and Manage Scan Results
Install or Uninstall Roles, Role Services or Featuresn Windows Server 2012 (Technet Blog)
Configure Windows Firewall (Technet Library)

Configure Hyper-V
Windows Server 2012: Server Virtualization (Microsoft Virtual Academy)
Hyper-V Dynamic Memory Overview  (TechNet Library)
Hyper-V Resource Metering Overview (TechNet Library)
Hyper-V Virtual Hard Disk Format Overview (TechNet Library)
Hyper-V Virtual Fibre Channel Overview
Hyper-V Network Virtualization Overview (TechNet Library)
Hyper-V Virtual Switch Overview (TechNet Library)
Understand and Troubleshoot Hyper-V Virtual Network Switch (TechNet Library)
Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Features Glossary (Blog Hyper-V MVP Aidan Finn)

Install and Administer Active Directory
What's new in Active Directory Domain Services ( ADDS ) Installation
Install Active Directory Domain Services ( ADDS )
Install a Domain Controller in an Existing Domain
Demoting Domain Controllers and Domains
Upgrading Domain Controllers to Windows Server 2012
Virtualization-safe Technology and Domain Controller Cloning
Using the updated Active Directory Administration Center ( ADAC )
Perform Offline Domain Join ( Based on Windows Server 2008 R2, but still relevant )
Install Active Directory Domain Services ( ADDS )

Deploy, Manage, and Maintain Servers
Network Subsystem Performance Tuning

Configure Network Services and Access

Deploy Remote Access in an Enterprise
Test Lab Guide: Demonstrate DirectAccess Single Server Setup with Mixed IPv4 and IPv6 in Windows Server "8" Beta

Configure certificates for Remote Access

Configure a Network Policy Server Infrastructure
Network Policy and Access Services Overview

Configure and Manage Active Directory
Virtualization-safe Technology and Domain Controller Cloning

Configure and Manage Group Policy

Group Policy Management Improvements in Windows Server "8" Beta (The greatest AskDs Blog :P)
What's New in Group Policy (Technet Library)
Group Policy Setting Reference for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 (Technet Library)
Group Policy Cmdlets in Windows PowerShell 3.0 (Technet Library)
Same as in Windows Server 2008 R2
Planning and Deploying Group Policy
Deploying and Managing OS and Application Settings with Group Policy Preferences
Planning and Deploying AppLocker via Active Directory Group Policy
Step-by-Step Guide: Deploying Windows Firewall via Active Directory Group Policy
Group Policy Analysis and Troubleshooting (Technet Library)
Group Policy Update Utility (GPUPDATE) (Technet Library)
Group Policy Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP) Utility (GPRESULT) (Technet Library)
Group Policy Domain Fixup Utility (GPFIXUP) (Technet Library)

Configure and Manage High Availability
What's New in Failover Clustering (TechNet Library)
Installing the Failover Clustering Feature and Tools (Technet Library)
Configure and Manage the Quorum in a Windows Server 2012 Failover Cluster (Technet/MSDN Blogs)
Cluster-Aware Updating Overview (Technet Library)
Starting with Cluster-Aware Updating: Self-Updating (TechNet Blog, Storage Team Blog)
Virtual Machine Storage Migration Overview (Technet Library)
Virtual Machine Live Migration Overview (Technet Library)
Windows Server 2012 Storage Migration for Cluster Managed Virtual Machines (Cluster Blog)

Configure File and Storage Solution
Dynamic Access Control: Scenario Overview
Deploy a Central Access Policy (Demonstration Steps)

Implement Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Windows Server Backup Feature Overview
Deploy Hyper-V Replica
Configure and Manage the Quorum in a Windows Server 2012 Failover Cluster (Technet/MSDN Blogs)

Configure Network Services
Step-by-Step: Configure IPAM to Manage Your IP Address Space
Holistic administration of IP address space using Windows Server 2012 IP Address Management

Configure Identity and Access Solutions
AD FS Deployment Guide