MED-V URL Redirection is comprised of just a few key components that work together to provide an effective solution for legacy browsing. 

  • Host-Side BHO – A Browser Helper Object (BHO), a type of IE plugin, is installed in IE on the host operating system.  The BHO is notified every time IE is requested to load a new web page.  The BHO compares each URL to a whitelist of URLs to be redirected to IE6 in the guest operating system.  If the URL matches, instead of rendering the web page the BHO will instruct the Virtual PC VM launcher to launch IE6 in the guest operating system and to display the URL in that browser instead.  At the same time, the BHO will instruct the host browser to display a page explaining to the user what has happened in brief but clear terms.
  • Whitelist – A plain text or XML file containing lists of URLs that should be redirected into the IE6 browser in the guest.
  • Virtual PC Application Launcher – The Virtual PC technology this solution is built upon includes application launching technology that should be leveraged by the BHO.  IE6 is launched in the guest by standard application launching techniques using the Virtual PC Application Launcher.
  • Guest-Side Configuration – The IE6 browser in the guest is the standard IE6 browser with some configuration changes in order to enforce the “compatibility browser” experience.  These changes include controlling the toolbar icons and layout, removal of the menu bar and address bar, and changing the title bar text.
  • Guest-Side Update Management – Updates need to be managed on the guest in order to ensure that IE6 is not uninstalled or replaced with a later version of IE.  Patch updates to IE6 still need to be allowed.

By default, URL redirection tracking/logging is not enabled in MED-V V2. This is due to the overhead it puts on the transition. However, if you are experience trouble and need to determine more granularly the root cause of why the Browser Helper Object (BHO) is failing

  1. To enable BHO debugging you need to create the following value:

    Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MEDV\v2\Debug\

    (HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\MEDV\v2\Debug\ if x64)


    Data Type: REG_DWORD
  2. Set it to 1 to enable. Set it to 0 to disable.
  3. After creating the registry value you need to re-load the BHO by closing and opening the browser.

    The Logfile is here: