Microsoft Account Troubleshooter



The Microsoft Account Troubleshooter scans a Windows 8 system for issues and repairs problems that are found in relation to your Microsoft Account.

The following issues are checked by the Microsoft Account Troubleshooter program:

  • Corrupt Microsoft Account settings
  • Can’t connect to the sync service
  • Problems with Microsoft account Policy
  • Microsoft Account required
  • Connection issues due to proxy or certificate issues
  • Check for roaming GPO enabled status
  • Problem with system registration
  • Signed in with a guest account, or Roaming User Profiles enabled
  • You are not connected to the Internet
  • Proxy Settings
  • You have reached your daily sync quote
  • Sync your settings is turned off
  • Check system not activated.

Contact support

There is no forum to report Microsoft Account problems, neither here nor at Microsoft Community.

To contact a support agent, submit the appropriate form on the Microsoft Account Support page:


You can share your ideas through the Feedback link at the bottom of any page on, or through the Feedback Hub app in Windows 10 (formerly Windows Feedback).  If you're having problems accessing your account, you should contact support instead of leaving feedback.  Any feedback you post is public, and we are not able to respond directly to feedback.


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