NOTE: For the full list of guidelines, see the Wiki User Experience Guidelines.

This article contains tips, tricks, and best practices that can be used to make your article more usable, discoverable, and visually appealing.

  • Article Title: Use title caps, such as "Style Guide." The title of the article determines the URL of the article. For example, this article is titled "Wiki: Style Guide" which results in a URL of Note that spaces become '-' and characters such as ':' are ignored when creating the URL for an article. For detailed title guidelines, see Wiki Title Guidelines.

  • Tagging: To make an article easier to discover using the wiki search, include tags that are relevant to the topic discussed in your article.  For example, an article that discusses using SQL Server Express with PHP should be tagged with the 'sql', 'express', and 'php' tags.

  • Images: When adding images to an article, consider that some viewers may be reading your article on a smartphone or other device with limited resolution.  If the image is large, consider creating a separate page for the full size image and include a smaller image in the main article that links to the full image. This increases the readability of the main article on constrained resolution devices, while still allowing access to the full image.

  • Large articles: If your article is lengthy it can be tedious to scroll through the information presented when you are only interested in one specific subsection.  Consider the following ways to make your article more approachable.

    • Multiple articles: In some cases, a large article can be broken into multiple, smaller articles that deal with a specific topic. A main topic can be created that contains introductory text and then a table of links to the child articles.

    • Anchor tags: If the information must be presented as one large article, consider making each section header an anchor tag and then create a list of links to these at the beginning of the article.  At the end of each section you should also create a 'Top' link that allows the viewer to navigate quickly back to the beginning of the article.

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