This list will eventually contain every program made via Small Basic.

Please add any missing programs below by linking to the program share page. Also, please include the name and Profile link of each program's creator.

Table of Contents


1942 - by Laurent20

2D Universe - by Nullimus


Analogue Clock (with wood texture) - by Math Man

Analogue Clock (no background) - by Nicolas_br

Aquarium - by Nonki Takahashi

Asteroids V2 - by Jason Jacques + Community

Atom - by Dudeson (follows mouse cursor)


Blackboard - by Vijaye

Blimp - by Coding Cat

Brick Wall - by Stendec


Calculator - by Alex 2000

Click the Button - by Timo Sö

Code Block Generator v1.3 (info) - by Nonki Takahashi

Color Memory Game - by Martmen

Color Picker - by Suduadib


Eyeballs - by Math Man


Gorillas - by Rushworks

Gravity Field Simulation - by nbvnbvnb


Installer (info) - by Timo So

Invader (game) - by NaochanON (play locally for proper framerate)

Invaders - by JKrueg


Lace Drawing - by dfgdfdf

LOGO Interpreter (info) - by fischettijw


Maze Game (info) - by Nonki Takahashi


Number to Text - by Math Man


Prime Number Factorization (article here)- by Emiliano Musso


Random Drawing - by Math Man & Coding Cat

Raytracer - by ThirdMagus

Ruler - by Nonki Takahashi


Smiley Maze Game - by Nik Coughlin

SnakeBite - by Davey Wavey

Soda Pop Showdown - by JKrueg

SokoCUTE - by kts99

Sorting Algorithm Demo - by Zeven

Space Invaders - by Davey Wavey 

Star Catcher - by NaochanON

Star Field Simulator - by JKrueg

Stay Away from the Blue Ball - by Todd

Super Pong - by Litdev


Tankinator - by Zock77 & Cobra355

Tanks Game - by Behnam Azizi
Tetris - by Kenneth Kasajian

Text Writer - by Todd

Tic Tac Toe (with menu) - by Nonki Takahashi

Tic Tac Toe (with tough AI) - by NaochanON

Tic Tac Toe (with game record) - by Nonki Takahashi

Tower of Hanoi - by Alex 2000