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Learn about Windows Azure AD 

If you are new to Windows Azure AD, we recommend that you review the following announcements, introductory reference links and other details provided in this section to learn more it.


Overview of Windows Azure AD


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Research Directory Integration Solutions

The following links can help you understand how Windows Azure AD can work together with other technologies and products (both Microsoft and non-Microsoft) to provide directory integration capabilities that span multiple boundaries and identity platforms.

Directory Sync

Single Sign-On


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Get the tools

Depending on the needs of your organization, you can get any of the following tools when you need to do more advanced administration with the data in your cloud directory:

Tool Downloads

Tool Related Content


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Additional References

Here you will find additional reference links to related developer content, software downloads and related technologies.

Developer References


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Community Resources

The following resources can be useful for obtaining Windows Azure AD community support and for keeping up with the latest updates and news.



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