<<<This article has been superseded by How to Enable ETW Tracing for FIM 2010 R2 Connectors>>>

Many issues can come up when utilizing the Lotus Notes management Agent for FIM 2010 and FIM 2010 R2.

When calling into Microsoft with a support ticket regarding an import or an export on the notes MA, it will be very helpful to have turned on Lotus Notes logging and generate a NotesMA log prior to opening your case with Microsoft.

To enable logging for Lotus Notes do the following:

  1. Navigate to %FIMInstallation%\Synchronization Service\Extensions\logging.xml
  2. Go to the LoggingLevel section and change the value from 2 to 3
  3. Save the changes

The log file will be written to %FIMInstallation%\Synchronization Service\Extensions\LotusDominoConnector.log

As a side note, if the LotusDominoConnector.log is 10 MB.  If a log grows larger than 10 MB a new one will be created and the existing file will be renamed to LotusDominoConnector.Index.Log


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