NOTE: The advice below should NOT be followed before your transition to Office 365 is complete and you have quit using Exchange Hosted Archive (EHA). If you can still logon to EHA do not use this information because doing so will stop messages from being delivered to EHA.

For most EHA customers you will continue to journal messages from your on-premise Exchange servers to Office 365 after your transition. Microsoft recommends that you change the journaling contact that you created for EHA in your Active Directory so that it instead sends mail to the new Office 365 journaling address that was provided to you by e-mail in the announcements leading up to your transition.

All old EHA journaling addresses begin with "copy" and look similar to or All new Office 365 journaling addresses begin with "journal" and look similar to Temporarily Microsoft will translate the old copy address into the new journal address so that your journaled mail will automatically deliver to your Office 365 archive. However this translation process will be stopped sometime in the near future.

How to find your new Office 365 journal address

You can locate the new address by the following methods. 

- The new address was included in e-mail announcements sent to your company's transition contact and you should be able to search for it in their mailbox.

- As an administrator logon to MSO and search for an account in the user list that begins with "journal". There will be a user in the list and it's primary SMTP address is your new Office 365 journaling address (similar example:

- Contact Microsoft EHA Technical Support by opening a support incident from the Admin Center, or by calling 1-866-291-7726 .

Updating your journaling contact in your on-premise Active Directory

You do not need to create a new contact in Active Directory, rather you can add the new Office 365 journal address to your existing EHA contact and make the new address primary for the contact. This is the only change needed to complete this update to your Office 365 archive journaling configuration.