Get Started with StreamInsight 2.1

Get Started with StreamInsight 2.1

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If you're just beginning to get familiar with StreamInsight, you may be looking for a way to get started. What are the basics? How can I get my first StreamInsight application running so I can see how it works? Where is the 'front door' that will get me going?

If that describes you, then this blog entry might be just what you need.

If you're already a StreamInsight wiz, keep reading anyway - you may find some helpful links here that you weren't aware of. But here's what we'd like from you experienced readers in particular: if you know of other good resources that we missed, please feel free to add them in the comments below. We appreciate you sharing your expertise.

On the other hand, if you're not necessarily a software developer, and you're looking for an overview of StreamInsight that avoids all the programming talk, you might try this article instead: StreamInsight for Non-Programmers.

The Book

The basic documentation for StreamInsight is located in the MSDN Library (Microsoft StreamInsight 2.1). You'll notice that previous versions of StreamInsight are still there (1.2 and 2.0), but if you're just getting started you can stick to the 2.1 section.

The documentation has been organized to function as reference material, which is fine after you're familiar with the technology. But if you're trying to learn the basics, you might want to take a different path instead of just starting at the top.

The following is one map you can use.

What Is StreamInsight?

Here is a sequence of topics that should give you a good overview of what StreamInsight is and how it works:

Overview - answers the question, "what is it?"
StreamInsight Server Architecture - gives you a quick look at a high-level architectural drawing
StreamInsight Concepts - lays out an overview of the basic components
Deploying StreamInsight Entities to a StreamInsight Server - describes the mechanics of how these components work together

Getting an Example Running

Once you have this background, go ahead and install StreamInsight and get a basic example up and running:

Installation - download and install the software
StreamInsight Examples - walk through a set of 3 simple StreamInsight applications that work together to demonstrate what you learned in the topics above; you can copy and paste the code into Visual Studio, compile, and run

That's it - you now have a real, functioning StreamInsight system!

Now that you have a handle on the basics, you might want to start digging deeper.

Digging Deeper

Here's a suggested path through the documentation to help you understand the next layer of StreamInsight technologies:

Using Event Sources and Event Sinks - sources supply data and sinks consume it; this topic gives you an overview of how they work
Publishing and Connecting to the StreamInsight Server - practical details on how to set up a StreamInsight server
A Hitchhiker’s Guide to StreamInsight 2.1 Queries - queries are the heart of how StreamInsight performs data analytics, and this whitepaper will help you really understand how they work
Using StreamInsight LINQ - root through this section for technical details on specific query components
Using the StreamInsight Event Flow Debugger - in addition to troubleshooting, the debugger is a great way to learn more about what goes on inside a StreamInsight application

And Even Deeper

Finally, to get a handle on some of the more complex things you can do with StreamInsight, dig into these:

Input and Output Adapters - adapters can be useful for handling more complex sources and sinks
Building Resilient StreamInsight Applications - a resilient application is able to recover from system failures
Operations - this section will help you monitor and troubleshoot a running StreamInsight system

The StreamInsight Community

As you're designing and developing your StreamInsight solutions, you probably will find it helpful to see working examples or to learn tips and tricks from others. Or maybe you need a place to post a vexing question.

Here are some community resources that we have found useful. If you know of others, please add them in the comments below.

Code samples and tools

The following case studies are based on earlier versions of StreamInsight, but they still are useful examples:






You’re a StreamInsight Expert

That should get you going. Please add any other resources you have found useful in the comments below.