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In the unlikely event that a UE-V installation becomes corrupt (possibly due to a user changing a key registry value or using a system utility to uninstall the UE-V driver), UE-V may be left in a state where it cannot be uninstalled from the Control Panel. While ‘Microsoft User Experience Virtualization Agent’ will be listed as under the “Uninstall or change a program’ screen, selecting it for removal results in a failure.


Following an unsuccessful installation, the UEV installer will provide a link to a log file containing details of the problem. Open the log file and search for a message that contains the product GUID for the UE-V install Make a note of the GUID (i.e. copy it to the clipboard).

  1. Open a command prompt with elevated administrator rights
  2. Within the command prompt enter:

    msiexec /l uninstall.log /f {your GUID}
  3. Msiexec should now repair your UE-V installation. Please check the log file specified in the command above to validate that it succeeded

 This completes the repair process and should allow you, should you wish, to now uninstall UE-V