Where can I find the evaluation version?


You can download the evaluation version of Forefront Identity Manager 2010 (FIM) here


Is there an upgrade path from any of the beta releases to the RTM version?


You can upgrade from RC1 or any of the RC1 updates to the RTM version.


Where can I find the documentation?


You can find the FIM documentation here.


Where can I find FIM Webcasts?


You can find more information about FIM webcasts on the Technet forum and Technet Wiki.


Where can I find scripts to document my FIM configuration and to troubleshoot it?


You can find the FIM Scriptbox here.


Where can I provide feedback about FIM?


You can always submit feedback about FIM by visiting the Microsoft Connect site.


What language packs are supported by FIM?


FIM supports the following languages in the portal:

  • DE – German
  • ES – Spanish
  • FR – French
  • IT – Italian
  • JA – Japanese
  • NL – Dutch
  • PT – Portuguese
  • ZH-CN – Chinese (Simplified)
  • ZH-TW – Chinese (Traditional)

There are no plans to extend this list for RTM.
For Password reset and Outlook add-in,  all Office languages are supported, except RTL (right to left).
That is a total of 34 languages.


Does FIM support Exchange 2010?


Yes, FIM 2010 supports Exchange 2010.

The attributes you have to set to create a mailbox for Exchange 2010 are different than for Exchange 2007.
In Exchange 2007, the the update-recipient task only requires the following attributes to convert an Active Directory user to a MBX:      

  • MailNickName
  • One of the 3 attributes: msExchHomeServerHome, homeMDB, or homeMTA

 In Exchange 2010, the update-recipient task requires the following 3 attributes:

  • MailNickName
  • msExchHomeServerName
  • homeMDB



Is SQL Server 2008 R2 supported for the FIM databases?

  Yes, SQL Server 2008 R2 is fully supported by FIM.

Is there a way for users on a public Kiosk computer to register for password reset without individually logging in?

  You could use a batch file or script to accomplish this by running runas /u:<domainname>\<username> MSPwdRegistration.exe. For more information see the following:

How can I delete orphaned EREs or DREs?


The recommended way to get rid of orphaned ERE and DRE is using a stored procedure as outlined in KB 2520954.
See Issue 4 under Fixed in FIM Service.


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